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I've always taken pride in my penmanship, making a point of always taking notes from grade school to grad school by hand, in cursive. I want to say that I owe my interest and practice to my fascination with the Harry Potter book series because that's what I emulated early on. Here we are many, many years later and now I provide that little extra flair to wedding invitation, placement cards, Christmas cards, letters from Santa, etc., etc.

If you're interested in personalized calligraphy for a special event, ask for a quote below. In the comments, include: TYPE OF EVENT, ESTIMATED (or exact) QUANTITY, GENERAL DESCRIPTION of what you want, and TURN-AROUND-TIME (i.e. due date). From there, I will get back to you with what I think it will cost either as a job or per unit. For example: wedding invitation envelopes usually go anywhere from $0.75/unit to $2.00/unit depending on color of ink desired, type of font, quantity, due date, etc.

Please limit to domestic US - all transactions would be in USD ($).

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I asked for a copy of Sieblius when I was a freshman in college. Despite some lessons as a young child, I truly didn't know how to read music let alone write it - but I understood patterns and symbols and I had a good ear. I learned music through composition rather than the other way round and it has become one of my most intense hobbies. When I compose I lose hours or even days at a time, thinking only a few minutes had elapsed. It's an insane, intoxicating feeling.

I have written both instrumental and vocal music - the latter being the type that I've actually been fortunate enough to have performed. When I can't get a live recording, I have used sample libraries (primarily Garritan) to produce recordings released on YouTube in what used to be called "Streaming Symphonies" a few years ago. More recently, any video produced just goes straight onto my YouTube channel. I've posted a few samples below, and I hope to share more in the near future!


JULY 2017: "The Bells" (Edgar Allan Poe, lyrics): I. Silver & III. Brazen - Utah Festival Opera, Monday Tabernacle Concert - with Sara Chiesa, piano

APRIL 2016: "The Bells" (Edgar Allan Poe, lyrics): IV. "Iron" (iteration I) - Indiana University, 2nd Graduate Recital - with Travis Bloom, piano

MARCH 2014: "Reflection: Innocent Thoughts About Peace" (Paige Buchanan, Lyrics) - Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall - Vocal Accord, Steven Ryan, piano

AUGUST 2019: Orchestration for Stephen Sondheim's SWEENEY TODD at the Oregon Cabaret Theatre


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