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New Jersey Vocal Arts Collaborative
James Smith, resident stage director - June 24 & 28, 2022

Die Zauberflöte

     After two years of pandemic-related delays, New Jersey Vocal Arts Collaborative is pleased to announce its production of Mozart's Die Zauberflöte in June 2022. James will present his new concept for this timeless singspiele for emerging opera artsists around New Jersey. Please visit https://www.njvocalartscollaborative.com/ for more information.


The Sorting Hat's songs, Ginny's valentine to Harry, the school song, selections from Peeves the Poltergeist and more!

The Hogwarts Song Anthology is a collection of songs using lyrics taken from all seven novels in the Harry Potter book series set to music by James Conrad Smith.


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Composer Series

The Hogwarts Song Anthology

Composer Series

Requiem Mass

The second quarantine side project: A new musical setting of the Requiem mass in nine movements for Baritone Soloist, SSAATTBB Chorus, String Orchestra and Timpani.

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Poet's Corner

The Adventure of Edmund

and the Last Bastion of Hope and Frivolity

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Click above to hear an audio sample of the first chapter. Read by James Conrad Smith. Music by James Conrad Smith.

Young Edmund awoke early one morn

And discovered his favorite nightcap was torn...

The Adventure of Edmund and the Last Bastion of Hope and Frivolity is the epic tale of a quest for discovery, exploration, imagination, and roaring good fun. Evoking the wit and liveliness of Dr. Seuss, author James Smith creates a world from simple, rhyming quatrains in which you'll want to settle down with a comfy blanket and a generous glass of wine.

Recent projects...

Virtually Yours

The Princeton Festival

Signature Artist Showcase: "Anthem" from Chess
Live Musical Theater Revue: My time stamp is @ 55:09
"If I Can't Love Her" from Beauty and the Beast

   "When Beauty and the Beast (1994) became Disney’s first stage musical, additional songs were needed to augment the animated film’s score. Lyricist Tim Rice studiously imitated the style of Howard Ashman, the movie’s late wordsmith. An exception was an anguished ballad for the Beast, “If I Can’t Love Her,” which was more characteristic of the ambivalent, weary mood that pervades many of Rice’s songs from other shows. James Conrad Smith — who, like Rakow and Weintraub, was a veteran of last year’s Princeton Festival production of She Loves Me — lent his ringing baritone to Alan Menken’s melody."

          -Donald H. Sanborn III, Town Topics

Signature Artist Showcase: "A Little Bit of Good" from Chicago
Into the Woods  (postponed due to pandemic shut down)
my arrangement of "No One Is Alone" for five voices

     An arrangement I created for myself and four friends who were in The Princeton Festival's 2019 production of She Loves Me - all of whom would have been in Into the Woods this coming summer. Top (L-R): Tommy MacDonald, Amy Weintraub, (me) James Conrad Smith; Bottom (L-R) Shannon Rakow, Aaron Gooden

Sweeney Todd

Oregon Cabaret Theatre

"James Smith is a delightful Adolfo Pirelli, exaggerated and inflated with Italian bombast, clothed and mustachioed to the tips of his two-toned, pointy footwear. Pirelli is the first to go (need I explain how?), and I was sorry that this character was so short-lived, but Smith continues as effectively though very differently in the ensemble."

     -Maureen Flannagan Battistella, The Mail Tribune

"The ensemble, who all have significant roles as well, are impressive... ...Standouts include Kristen Calvin as the Beggar Woman and James Smith as Adolfo Pirelli. Smith's portrayal as Pirelli, a rival barber, is a riot. His hilarious quirks as he flounces about the stage are contrasted with a vocal range that could best be described as serious."

     -Ella Nelson-Mahon, Theatre in Oregon

She Loves Me

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'Under the Stars' concert in Princeton

The Princeton Festival

"James Conrad Smith, a baritone who brings considerable vocal power to 'Grand Knowing You,' is suitably cast as the oily Kodaly"

     -Donald H. Sanborn, Town Topics

"James Conrad Smith​ has a magnificent voice and smooth dance moves."

      -Neal Zoren, U.S.1