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Gingerbread Titanic
Gingerbread Titanic
Gingerbread Titanic
Gingerbread Titanic

My gingerbread RMS TITANIC began design in August 2022, cardboard stencils were made in September, and baking began later that month. Assembly started in November and the project was finished by mid December.

Final dimensions

31" long, 32" tall, 12" wide

Gingerbread Titanic



Following a memorable vacation at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Florida, the Hogwarts Great Hall was a natural candidate for the 2022 gingerbread house. With new methods for making curved gingerbread pieces and with its impressive

height of 34" tall from the snow to the tip of the tallest turret, Hogwarts slowly yet methodically materialized. Bedecked in garland and lit with LEDs, the castle was fit for the finest of Christmas celebrations ever seen in the Wizarding World.



The idea for a doll's house came late in the season, but thanks to the pandemic and flexible scheduling (not to mention several late nights) the final product was able to be assembled in time for Christmas. It was a lesson in planning, trial-and-error, and learning from past mistakes. Designing the interiors and exteriors (along with consideration for lighting) culminated in an adorable colonial with a two-story Christmas tree in the great room. The piano, the dining room, kitchen, and staircase

were time consuming to produce but those fine details - visible through the windows - culminated in a sturdy structure with an abundance of thoughtful detail.

Final dimensions were 28" long, 14" wide, and 20" tall.




2018 was the first time that I designed a custom gingerbread house. After several sketches, I decided upon an A-frame Alpine-esque lodge. The interiors were sparsely decorated, the roof (which was supposed to be red) ended up purple, and the incandescent bulb which lit the tower and house was too hot for the sugar windows, but it was a great first step in designing from scratch!

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